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Our Team

Dr. Terry


Business Strategist,  EM Expert

I enjoy integrating business, strategy and lifestyle so that people build their businesses and their life the way they always wanted. Entrepreneurship and small business ownership can be a lonely and difficult life filled with challenges. I help business owners get rid of unnecessary stress and assist their business in becoming as successful and profitable as they imagined. I teach my clients how to develop emotional resilience, how to gain more influence and make intentional strategic decisions generating rapid results. This provides them immense value personally and professionally.



Business Strategist

Through my years in corporate retail coffee, I loved training, inspiring, and coaching people to become leaders. I’ve seen the amazing growth that happens when people apply the right training and coaching. In 2018, I stepped out of the corporate world to help business owners become great leaders, create the systems, hire and inspire elite teams and identify game changing strategies to take their company to the next level and beyond. This enables their business to grow exponentially, so they can have the business and the lifestyle they want.

About Generator Coaching

You know you’re amazing at what you do. Whether you’ve left your job to run your own business or maybe you‘ve always been an entrepreneur. It’s tough without a guide; who’s your Sherpa? That person who knows the terrain… that gets you to your peak faster? That’s where we come in. As business strategists, we provide that step-by-step guidance to expand and accelerate your business maximizing your profits. Make the commitment to yourself to go after what you want. Take action NOW!

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